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Digital Marketing Forms

Below you will find any form you may need from pre-sales, intake, on-boarding to post-fulfillment, edits and more!


Pre-Sale: Media Planning

Pre-Sale: Single Product Budget Estimator/Planning/Expectation Setting 


Post-Sale: Order Entry/Pre-Fulfillment 

Post-Sale: Pre-Fulfillment -> Start of Fulfillment 

Post-Sale: Early Fulfillment 

Post-Sale: Post-Fulfillment 

Primary (DIY) tool to use to obtain a count request for direct email. 
Email for login information.
Secondary (DIFM) resource to obtain a count request for direct email
Pricing tool for standard SEO packages
Email for login information.
Request custom SEO program quote/proposal.

Suggested for:
  • Clients who have several locations that need to be optimized for. (Standard packages focus primarily on a single location.)
  • Clients who want to spend more than $2,500/month and have specific needs not covered by standard package deliverables. 
Required for:
  • Auto, e-commerce, hospitals, edu., & nationally focused businesses
  • Standard SEO Budget Guide may also suggest other instances to submit for custom. 
Provides appropriate budget levels based on industry categories and geography at an estimated impression share of 75%, 50%, and 25% impression share. 

Must be completed for ALL NEW SEM customers.
This is an excel spreadsheet used as an IO for markets that submit their Targeted Display campaigns via an IO. 
  • Must be attached to order entry form 
  • Effective 4/1 for Columbus
Request order to be processed by Sales Support to confirm whether all info needed to begin fulfillment has been entered 
  • Effective 4/1 for Columbus
Onboarding Form used to provide all mandatory information needed to begin the fulfillment process for each product(s)
Used by East GateHouse Sales Reps for Social Ads bundled with GH Promotions only. Submission of information replaces normal intake process and cannot be skipped
Everything you need for GateHouse Native Adverting.
Used to submit escalations needed for markets, when resolution to an issue is not received within 24 hours. This goes directly to Jennifer McKay, Sr. Digital Director for GateHouse Media.
Required form to be filled out when a client or sales rep wants to cancel products/services. Cancellations will be processed as soon as the cancellation form is complete, unless a later date is noted on the form. Dates cannot be noted more than 60 days out.
  • Cancellation form must be completed by the Salesperson; never TH team
Requesting strategic pre-sale support for the purpose of creating comprehensive tactical marketing plans.
When to Use: 
  • only Accounts 100K and up are considered for Strategic Accounts Team (SAT).
  • This form should only be submitted for qualifying accounts.
Requesting Media Plan for Social and/or Targeted Display/
Only to be used by the following GateHouse Markets
  • East: Daytona, Middletown, Seacoast (Portsmouth), Spartanburg, Ocala, New Bedford, Gainesville, Sarasota 
  • Central: Erie, Rockford, Holland, Utica
  • West: Houma, Stockton, Victorville
Requesting strategic pre-sale support for the purpose of creating comprehensive tactical marketing plans.
Columbus Dispatch Only
Requesting a quote for recommended SEM budget.
When to Use:
Guidelines to follow when selling and entering orders for Targeted Display and/or as it relates to promos being offered

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Pre-Sale: Media PlanningPre-Sale: Single Product Budget Estimator/PlanningPost-Sale: Order Entry/Pre-FulfillmentPost-Sale: Pre-Fulfillment to Start of FulfillmentPost-Sale: Early FulfillmentBack to Top

This resource is for GateHouse Media only. For ThriveHive Direct Resources click here

Training Questions? Who to ask when...

GateHouse questions? Reach out to

  • Access, logins, etc. to the LMS / Sales Training Website. 

  • Presale / Sales Related Questions - specific needs analysis, budget advice, presentations. 

  • Pre-sale Targeted Display Product or Sales Strategy Related. 

  • O&O Product Questions.

  • Native, Print, and Promotions Questions.

ThriveHive questions? Reach out to

  • ThriveHive Solution Related Questions:

    • SEO, SEM, Targeted Display, Retargeting, Social, TWP, Video, Direct Email, Live Chat, etc.

Targeted Display Questions for Active Campaigns: or

ThriveHive Order Entry Process, Partner Portal access, Staff User RPM access: 

Supplement to your local market's contract when ThriveHive product's are sold. 
By completing this form you are requesting information necessary for your client to upload their Geo Addressable Audience List. 

Input your client information and receive an impression share estimate for the budget provided as well as the available impressions.
  • This is required for all  new and renewal Waze campaigns.


Visit the SocialSuite Demo Account page on the Thrivehive Training Site for login credentials and more information.
List of limitations and guidance around ThriveHive Solutions for restricted industries. 
Design gallery with template and creative examples including a customer portfolio.
Video testimonials and customers success stories.
For markets now live on Sales Pro for order entry, where sales representative will directly enter new client orders
Form to be completed for order entry of all new customers or upsells that qualify for this promotional offer.
  • Effective only 1/27/2020 - 6/26/2020
  • Promo products must be entered through this form. 
  • Onboarding form to be filled out in addition to this form.


This is an excel spreadsheet submitted by sales for bulk geo-fencing requests
Instructions on what to do before requesting pixel

Internal Use Only - Do Not Share With Customers


Please reach out to if you need any assistance with existing ThriveHive training resources or collateral.

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